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Volos Connectors: Flexible Data Access for Node.js Apps

Jul 17, 2014

As new platforms and devices need to access enterprise data, it’s important that developers be able to quickly build RESTful APIs that can access data across many different types of backend systems. Almost every enterprise has an SQL database somewhere with valuable information it wants to access to expose to apps, but what’s the fastest way to accomplish this?

Today we are releasing Volos Connectors from Apigee, a fast, lightweight way to create a RESTful API that exposes data from several different kinds of enterprise resources. Volos Connectors augment Volos (https://github.com/apigee-127/volos), which enables developers to quickly and easily develop enterprise-class APIs using Node.js.

Volos Connectors are open source and use Node.js and the npm package model. By using Node.js and its huge community of open source packages, Volos Connectors make it possible to quickly add connectors into your existing Node.js projects. We believe that developers will find this approach to be refreshingly fast and simple compared to traditional enterprise integration products. 

Volos Connectors can be used with any Node.js app, whether deployed on Apigee or elsewhere. We've also curated npm modules that work well on Apigee so our customers don’t have to select the right module out of the thousands available on npm.

Apigee Edge Vault

One more thing: we are also enhancing Apigee Edge with a new core service called the Vault in the very near future.  You can take advantage of this functionality via Node.js apps using the 'avault' Node.js module now.

With the Vault service we offer a secure credential storage service that enables our customers to store credentials for target systems in a secure, encrypted manner—both locally and in Apigee Edge. You can use the ‘avault’ Node.js module for local cases, and Apigee-access will be updated soon to enable you to seamlessly migrate your Node.js apps to Apigee Edge. We will use double key encryption and rotate keys on a regular basis. The service will also be made available to policies executed in an Apigee Edge policy flow.

Like everything else in Volos, the Vault works anywhere that Node.js works. However, when you deploy Node.js applications to Apigee Edge, it can automatically take advantage of secure credential storage within the Apigee product itself. That means that there is no need to upload sensitive security credentials to the cloud in clear text, and it reduces the chance that a developer will accidentally publish them to GitHub or npm.

You can find details for each of the connectors on the Apigee documentation page or head over to the Volos Connectors page on GitHub: https://github.com/apigee-127/volos-connectors.

Download, use it, and give us feedback!  Samples are available here: https://github.com/apigee-127/volos-connectors/tree/master/samples.

Here is the list of modules we are announcing, with more coming soon:

Special thanks to Randy Solton for his development work on this project.

image: fdecomite/Flickr

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