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Web API Design: The Missing Link

New eBook: Best practices in web API design
Dec 06, 2016

Attention all API developers—API design matters! It's important to think about design choices from the application developers point of view.  

Why? Because the app developer is the consumer of your web API and the linchpin of your API strategy. Your job as an API developer is to ensure that app developers can get started quickly and easily with your APIs, and maximize productivity and success along the way.

Getting the design right is important because design communicates how something is used. You should always be thinking to yourself: “What is the design with optimal benefit for the app developer?”

Our newest eBook on API design, “Web API Design: The Missing Link,” is a comprehensive collection of the web API design best practices used by leading API teams.

API developers will learn everything from the importance of taking a data-oriented design approach to API development to advice on designing representations and URLs.  

Ready to start crafting interfaces that developers will love? Download the eBook now.

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