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by Ismail Elshareef, Ticketmaster Aug 19, 2016
As vice president of open platform and innovation at Ticketmaster, Ismail Elshareef has been working on opening up the API capabilities of the company to the world to support internal and external entrepreneurs who... Read more
Register now for Tickemaster's DevJam at Apigee HQ....
API demand is unpredictable. Apigee helps...
by Anant Jhingran, Rajesh Jadhav & Madhurranjan Mohaan Aug 17, 2016
Shankar Ramaswamy (our head of engineering) and Anant Jhingran (our CTO) will introduce key new features of Apigee in this engineering blog channel. We'll typically have a co-author—a key member of the team... Read more
The workload of any one Apigee customer varies tremendously. Here's how Apigee handles the capacity variations.... Read more...
Digital Business
by Bryan Kirschner Aug 16, 2016
General Electric, that icon of the industrial era, has committed to generating $15 billion in annual digital revenue by 2020. Pitney Bowes reports that new digital services already account for $1 billion in annual... Read more
People entrusted with the future of profitability and growth are realizing that their only option in response to digital competition is to lead, follow, or get out of the way.... Read more...
Webcast replay
by Olaf Domis Aug 08, 2016
Autodesk is transforming its services architecture to lightweight microservices using a combination of Amazon Web Services and Apigee. In this webcast replay, Autodesk technologist Alan Williams and AWS solution... Read more
In this webcast replay, Autodesk technologist Alan Williams and AWS solution architect Asha Chakrabarty discuss real-world microservices examples.... Read more...
Digital Business
by Madison Jacobs Aug 04, 2016
In internet years, Shutterfly has reached middle age.The leading image publishing company, founded in 1999, has built a vibrant business offering personalized photo products and services that help its customers "... Read more
Shutterfly built a leading online photo business, but as technology evolved and mobile devices flooded the digital landscape, APIs were key to putting a modern facade on its infrastructure.... Read more...
Webcast replay
by Olaf Domis Aug 02, 2016
Uber aims to make transportation as ubiquitous and reliable as running water. One way the company has done this is by opening its APIs to developers. Join Chris Messina, Uber's developer experience lead, Alexander... Read more
Learn how partners use Uber's technology to drive innovation in their own businesses.... Read more...
Ready-to-use digital commerce APIs and a...
by Arvind Jain Aug 01, 2016
Consumers expect instant, personalized engagement through multiple online and physical channels; it’s gotten to the point where retailers really don’t have a choice but to build digtially enabled customer... Read more
Getting started with an API program is often a major challenge for retailers, so we've introduced the Apigee Commerce APIx solution.... Read more...

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