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CTO Musings
by Anant Jhingran Mar 22, 2017
Enterprise CTOs have microservices on the mind. After relying for years on monolithic stacks, these IT leaders are trading in their old architectures for independently deployable systems and granular, lightweight... Read more
Microservices can deliver tremendous speed and agility—but getting there requires cultural and organizational transformation in addition to new technology.... Read more...
New video series
by Liz Lynch Mar 20, 2017
Last year, we unveiled a brand new approach to designing, developing, and publishing APIs using Apigee Edge. Thanks to the Edge platform's APIs, the new Apigee Edge experience sits on top of the same great platform... Read more
To help you get started using the New Apigee Edge experience, we're rolling out a video series.... Read more...
Digital Business
by Jason Smith, rMark Bio Mar 17, 2017
In 2015, rMark Bio, Inc. set out to build a deep learning and analytics platform for the life sciences industry. Today, applications running on the CoRE Platform deliver real-time insights of global health data and... Read more
RMark Bio decided to use an API-first development strategy in order to build a platform flexible enough to adapt to the changing needs of clients.... Read more...
by Martin Nally Mar 15, 2017
The dominant model for APIs in distributed computing for decades has been Remote Procedure Call (RPC). This isn't surprising—ever since Fortran II introduced functions in 1958, the function  (or procedure... Read more
Learn why some people are interested in entity-oriented rather than procedure-oriented APIs.... Read more...
Digital Business
by Alex White Mar 14, 2017
Our customer Indix collects, structures, and refines product information from the web and makes it available via a catalog in the cloud. Recently, the company’s founder and CEO Sanjay Parthasarathy... Read more
Our customer Indix collects, structures, and refines product information from the web and makes it available via a catalog in the cloud. Recently, the company’s founder and CEO Sanjay Parthasarathy published a couple of blog posts about APIs. His first post explored how APIs are redefining everything we do in the digital world. He also wrote about some particular applications of APIs in commerce. Indix has been using the Apigee API management platform to great success for some time now. I lead our Rapid Launch program, which helps customers deploy API programs faster. In this first installment of a two-part series, Sanjay and I compared thoughts on various topics related to cloud-based APIs and launching an API program. “Digital” and “innovative” are often terms used together. What’s the difference? Alex: Innovative companies introduce new experiences and modify existing ones with incredible speed. Digital technology is what enables this. The speed is made possible by having a digital... Read more...
Digital Business
by Olaf Domis Mar 10, 2017
“In the rest of our lives, everything we do is interconnected with the technology around us. In healthcare, we’re behind.” This is how Beth Meese, administrative director of technology and innovations... Read more
Cleveland Clinic's Beth Meese discusses the power of securely "opening up" electronic medical records with APIs.... Read more...
Webcast replay
by Olaf Domis Mar 08, 2017
What does it mean to be doing microservices right? Seventy percent of organizations claim to be using or investigating this new trend because it's hard to resist the promise of faster innovation and the ability... Read more
Watch this webcast replay to learn about key ingredients for microservices success... Read more...

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