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How to ensure your APIs aren't naked
by Sai Koppala & Joel D'Sa Sep 26, 2016
Over the last few years, we’ve witnessed hundreds of enterprises launching API initiatives. This post is the first in a series that aims to distill our learnings from all these customer engagements and share best... Read more
Organizations should create proxies in front of their APIs with an API management platform and enforce a set of consistent security policies at the API proxy layer.... Read more...
Digital Business
Reflections on the growth of the platform...
by Michael Rasalan, Evans Data Corp. Sep 23, 2016
Nobody can get too far without encountering the word “platform” these days. This is particularly so for anybody involved in technology, and it is increasingly so for other kinds of businesses. For people in... Read more
Whether businesses are already in tech or are just exploring the digital side, one of the challenges is to find and reach developers who can help populate their platforms and drive their ecosystems.... Read more...
Digital Business
Adapt or Die San Francisco is a week away....
by Bryan Kirschner Sep 20, 2016
For most of human history, opacity and scarcity have tipped the scales toward the status quo. The constraints of physical resources made this hard to escape. But as two very smart folks summarized concisely in the... Read more
Speakers from Ticketmaster, Nationwide, Pearson, and more are lined up to provide inspiration to seize the day and push the boundaries of digital business.... Read more...
by Prithpal Bhogill, Sudhee Sreedhara, and Rajesh Mishra Sep 19, 2016
We’re pleased to announce the general availability of Apigee Edge Private Cloud version 4.16.09. This release, which brings our customers the latest innovations in Edge, is centered around the themes of developer... Read more
We're pleased to announce general availability of our latest version of Apigee Edge Private Cloud.... Read more...
by Anant Jhingran, Rajesh Jadhav & Madhurranjan Mohaan Sep 15, 2016
Those of you who have done cloud deployments know that Murphy’s Law is always right around the corner. You’ve tested everything, and you know more testing will only make you non-competitive. So let’s... Read more
Murphy’s Law is always right around the corner with cloud deployments. Blue/green deployment to the rescue.... Read more...
Digital Business
by Olaf Domis Sep 14, 2016
Like many executives in the highly regulated financial services industry, Simon Hamilton initially viewed the upcoming European Commission’s directive on payment services as another potential compliance headache... Read more
Nationwide CTO Simon Hamilton explains the opportunity that PSD2 and open banking regulations bring.... Read more...
Digital Business
by Evan Scheessele, HP Inc. Sep 13, 2016
My company, HP Inc., is a “new” company—the world’s largest startup, if you will—having formed last November upon the separation of Hewlett Packard Corp. So we’re still building out our company’s publicly-visible API-... Read more
How do software platforms and their APIs best support HP's new business ambitions, from executing on product strategy all the way to measurable customer success?... Read more...

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