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Announcing the New Apigee Edge Experience

New API design and publishing features, and a consistent, modern look
Nov 07, 2016

We're excited to announce the immediate availability (in the cloud) of the new Apigee Edge experience—a brand new approach to designing, developing, and publishing APIs using Apigee Edge. Thanks to the Edge platform's APIs, the New Edge experience sits on top of the same great platform that that powers the "Classic" Edge experience but adds several  enhancements, particularly in the areas of API design and publishing. Here we’ll provide a general  introduction to some of the more notable changes; subsequent posts will delve into the new features in greater detail.

Consistent design and modern look

One of the first things you’ll notice is the new look and feel across all components of Edge. For example, now all of the API management tools live in a sidebar organized according to the API lifecycle (a few components, including the analytics dashboard, API BaaS, and Apigee Sense will be added later). A new landing page (pictured above) helps orient you to some of the more frequently used components of Edge, and it includes a feedback mechanism (the megaphone) so you can tell us what you think about any item on any page, good or bad. Best of all? When you move from one component of Edge to another, it now looks and acts like every other part of Edge.

Designing your APIs

On the API design front, the New Edge experience introduces a place to store your OpenAPI specifications and enables collaboration with other members of your organization. You'll find a dedicated spec editor for authoring and maintaining your specs. Those specs can be used throughout the API lifecycle, such as for generating API proxies, for authoring flows within proxies, and for driving the documentation of your API products on your new developer portal.

Publishing your APIs

In the publishing phase of the API lifecycle, orgadmin users can now spin up new developer portals themselves in seconds. Pages can be authored in Markdown, and the portal theme can be customized using standard CSS rules. You can make changes in-line and instantly preview those changes. It also gives you the ability to publish a snapshot and instantly see those changes in the live portal. We know that many customers love the extreme customization capabilities of our Drupal-based developer portals—these will remain a great choice for those who need a high-level of control. However, others have asked for a much simpler, faster portal that can be launched and themed within minutes. We're pretty sure you're going to love these.

How to get started with the New Edge experience

There’s a lot to learn about New Edge. We’ll detail it all in upcoming blog posts, but to get started today, you’ll find everything you need on docs-new.apigee.com. This site was built from the ground up on top of the brand-new developer portal features mentioned above, and it's a great example of what the new portals can do. You can also check out this quick video tutorial:

Introducing the New Apigee Edge experience from Apigee on Vimeo.


All newly-registered users will be opted-in to the New Edge experience. Existing users may opt-in to the New Edge experience with the "Try New Edge" option in the top menu; they may switch back to the Classic Edge experience at any time. The New Edge experience will become the only option for all users sometime in early 2017, but until then, all users may opt-in/out as they prefer.

For now, give New Edge a try and let us know what you think, either via the new built-in feedback tool or in the the Apigee Community!

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