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App Performance Monitoring Is Now Open Source

Apigee Product Team
Jul 08, 2016

We’re pleased to announce that Apigee's Mobile Application Performance Monitoring has become an open source project, enabling broader usage and contribution.

Mobile APM helps developers monitor mobile app errors, crashes, and network performance issues. It also enables developers to push configurations and features to mobile devices without forcing end users to update their apps.

As part of the suite of mobile functionality within Apigee Edge’s API BaaS, Mobile APM has been used to monitor mobile apps on millions of iOS, Android, and HTML5 devices.

Mobile APM was contributed to the open source community by Prabhat Jha in the following Apigee GitHub repository: https://github.com/apigee-labs/apibaas-monitoring. It’s a standalone Java web application requiring MySQL, and runs separately from (but integrates with) Apigee's API BaaS or Apache Usergrid. You can host Mobile APM in a public or private cloud.

As a result of open sourcing Mobile APM, the monitoring feature In the Apigee API BaaS admin portal has been retired.

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