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Belly and Apigee: Building APIs for Microservice-based Implementations

Why Belly needed API management for its microservices
Mar 01, 2016

In our first video post, Darby Frey, director of platform at rewards program provider Belly, explained why the company needed an API management platform for its microservices.

Here, Darby delves into the benefits of using Apigee Edge to customize APIs for particular apps and devices. Each of these customized APIs talk to one or more microservices.

Belly built separate APIs for iOS and Android. Apigee Edge enabled the company to customize APIs by device, which in turn helped Belly create optimal mobile experiences for its customers. Also, the ability to firewall customized APIs reduced regression testing, Darby said.

“We saw a huge benefits from Apigee, because we can make those interfaces completely custom to the products,” Darby said. “Customized mobile APIs makes it easier to sleep at night.”

In the next post in this series, we discuss how Apigee helped Belly conserve precious back-end developer resources.

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