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Black Friday 2014: Customer Preparedness Checklist

Oct 28, 2014

The beginning of holiday shopping season is upon us once again, and, for many Apigee customers, this means an increase in API traffic of up to ten times non-holiday season averages. Here are five key actions to help you prepare for this critical time.

Develop API traffic estimates

Many customers estimate API traffic based on prior years’ traffic, holiday promotions, and other end-of-year programs. Others simply use a multiplier; for example, many retailers use 10x the trailing four weeks average traffic as a baseline.

Recommended action:  Estimate both average as well as peak traffic. Apigee Analytics can help you understand your historical trends; don’t hesitate to open a support ticket for assistance.

Load test for estimated API traffic

Once traffic estimates are established, the only accurate way to determine whether you can meet your SLAs is to test your APIs at that load. Bottlenecks and breakpoints can occur at any layer of your stack.

Recommended action: Open a support ticket to alert us in advance of your load testing so we can be available to support your planning and monitoring.

API design review

Apigee has capabilities that help you protect against performance lags, downtime, and traffic spikes; caching and spike arrest are just two. There could be API proxy bundle optimizations that boost performance, too.

Recommended action: Open a support ticket to schedule a review of your API proxy bundles. Apigee can advise on any load and performance improvement optimizations.

Capacity planning

Depending on how much capacity you have provisioned on both your backend infrastructure and Apigee, bottlenecks and breakpoints will reveal themselves based on this load testing of traffic projections.

Recommended action: If Apigee appears to be a bottleneck, please open a support ticket so that we can work with you to resolve it.   

Support ticket and escalation process

Expect the best, but prepare for the worst. To that end, Apigee Support is standing by and ready to help. Our support processes and coverage are already built to support mission-critical applications, but we’ll of course be on heightened alert this holiday season.

Recommended action: We’ve created a one-page Apigee Support “cheat sheet” to circulate to your internal operational support teams as a refresher.

We have a holiday change moratorium between Nov. 1, 2014 and Jan. 10, 2015. During this time, only emergency fixes for critical customer issues will be released.

If you’re not already working with us, if your situation has changed, or if we can otherwise help, please contact us or open a support ticket.

And for a perspective on Black Friday API performance testing, please check out this recent webcast.

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