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The Book of Apigee Edge Antipatterns

Learn about the dos and don'ts of API proxy development on our platform
Aug 02, 2017

Having worked with hundreds of customers who use Apigee Edge over the years, we’ve come across the many different kinds of challenges our customers encounter. This has helped shape our thoughts around the dos and don'ts of API proxy development on the Edge platform.

To that end, we’ve identified a laundry list of common antipatterns that we’ve observed as part of the API proxies deployed on Apigee Edge, along with the appropriate best practices to counter these antipatterns.

We’ve published all of this in a new eBook, “The Book of Apigee Edge Antipatterns.”

Our aim with this publication is to help bring antipatterns to the attention of API proxy developers, architects, and testers, but also to create a quick troubleshooting guide.

We hope teams can quickly reference this eBook if any of their policies aren’t working as per the documentation. For example, if a team encounters a problem with caching, they could scan the book for any antipatterns related to this topic and get an idea of how to resolve the problem. Other topics and challenges we cover range from leaving unused Node.js API proxies deployed to logging data to third-party servers using JavaScript policies.

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