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Building for Google Glass: What You Need to Know (webcast, podcast)

Nov 27, 2013

You may have seen the occasional person wearing Google Glass, and you've very likely heard a lot about this groundbreaking wearable computing device. Beyond the hype, the odd encounter on the street, and the pictures of the device on Sergey Brin's face, what do you really know about it? How is it similar to other mobile devices, and how is it different, and what kinds of opportunities does it open up for app development?

In this recent webcast, Brenda Jin, a user interface developer at Macys.com, and Apigee's Tim Anglade discuss exactly what building for Glass means in practice. They'll cover API and apps techniques you can reuse and what you must be prepared to do differently. They will also walk through a step-by-step demo of building an app for Google Glass with HTML5, and discuss what other businesses are doing to prepare for the new world of wearable computing.

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