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Customer Success: Faster Responses and a Vibrant Community

Mar 26, 2015

In our continued focus on customer success, I wanted to update you on some exciting changes and additions to how we support our customers.

P1 response and restoration goals

We define P1s as critical production issues severely impacting API traffic. Simply put, these are the most critical situations affecting our customers’ business, and as such, we treat them with an “all hands on deck” mentality. I’m pleased to share that we now have the necessary automation, notifications, and organizational discipline to help consistently achieve a 75% improvement in our current response and restoration goals. Enterprise customers can now expect a support engineer to respond to a case within 15 minutes for a P1 and, for Edge Cloud customers with a P1 issue, we've set a goal of full restoration of the Apigee Cloud Service within one hour.

Until now, our Enterprise Support offering had P1 response and restoration goals of one hour and four hours, respectively. P1 response and restoration are key operational metrics for us, and we had been consistently achieving these goals.  

However, as your digital initiatives have expanded and the value of APIs and data have increased for you, it became clear that a stronger level for a P1 response and restoration was needed. So, for the last two quarters, we’ve been targeting and consistently achieving internal P1 response and restoration goals of fifteen minutes and one hour, respectively.

Apigee community

Many of you have suggested that “Googling” answers to your questions about Apigee is the most efficient way for you to get support. Regardless of how well we respond and resolve issues, doing it self-service and on your own terms is often what you prefer.

So we’ve recently doubled our efforts on the Apigee Community, as we believe it’s the best and most transparent way for us to enable you, the users of Apigee, to get answers to questions faster and ultimately have greater success with Apigee. We also believe there is tremendous benefit in getting the perspective of multiple Apigee users, not just the individual support engineer working a support case. 

With that in mind, we have employees from all parts of Apigee actively contributing to the Community in the form of questions, answers, and articles. On top of that, many of you are not only asking questions of the community, but actively participating in the discussion, and answering questions. That’s what’s making the community so vibrant.

The next time you have a general product or “how-to” question, we welcome and encourage you to post it to community.apigee.com. You may be pleasantly surprised by the responsiveness and breadth of answers you will get.

We continue to look for ways to improve the overall availability and quality of Apigee’s products and services to our customers. Please continue to provide feedback on how we’re doing.

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