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Enhanced API Dashboards: More Speed, Better Data, Deeper Insights

Oct 23, 2013

A recent update to our API Platform includes a new set of dashboards to help customers manage and optimize their API programs. The dashboards were rewritten from the ground up and provide increased speed, more actionable data, and deeper insights into API programs.

Why was this change made?  Measuring and monitoring top APIs, top developers, top apps, and top products is critical, but in working with several customers, it became apparent that these are one-dimensional measures of an API program. In addition to API traffic, customers want a clearer picture of the health of their API program, the level of developer engagement, the diversity and health of their app portfolio, and how well they are doing relative to other enterprises’ API programs.

In fact, an API program can be measured in broader ways:

  • Total API traffic, or the volume flowing through API proxies

  • Innovation agility, or the rate at which the development team upgrades, enhances, and innovates on the APIs

  • Developer/partner engagement, or the rate of and the time to success on the platform and the quality of service received by developers and partners


So the dashboard functionality is now updated with developer and partner engagement information, which augments the robust data and API program traffic insights that are already provided.

The top-level dashboard displays overall API traffic for the time period and environment you select, the number of errors, and the percentage difference between today's and yesterday's traffic. It also displays information about developer signups and traffic, as well as traffic numbers for the top developer apps.


To switch back to the more familiar traffic view, which provides insights into the top APIs, top apps, top developers, and top API products (the bundles of API resources you make available to developers), click on the line chart icon.


Drill down into the top-level API traffic by clicking on the “Detail” button. You’ll be shown a view of API traffic broken down by APIs.


The new dashboard provides interactive, insightful, and actionable information about the API program.

Try it out for yourself. Sign up to get started right away.


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