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Generating Release Notes with APIs

Oct 23, 2014

In Apigee's fast-paced, agile environment, we continuously kick out releases: cloud, on-premises, developer portal, and monetization—with even more down the road with Apigee-127, enhanced Node.js support, and Insights. That means a lot of release notes.

To save the many hours it would take to manually create release notes, the Apigee doc team decided to eat our own dog food. We created an API proxy that calls the Jira REST API to query our bug database. Our Apigee API proxy then converts the native JSON response to XML and transforms the new XML response to HTML. And bingo, we’ve got release notes. Of course, we have to make sure the release note content is already authored in Jira. That’s the most time-consuming part!

In this image, the API call to the API proxy is made with the Postman browser add-on to Chrome. The API proxy then calls the Jira API, which returns a JSON response. The API proxy converts the response to XML, then applies an XSL stylesheet that converts the XML to HTML. The doc team copies the HTML to the doc site.


If you’re interested, check out our release notes proxy on Github, in our samples repo:



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