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Maven Plug-in: Scripting the Deployment of API Proxies

Jun 19, 2014

Maven is the most popular build and deployment automation tool in the enterprise world. It has become the de facto tool for automated building, deploying, and testing of large multi-module and multi-team enterprise application development environments.

There are hundreds of Maven plug-ins for all kinds of software development life cycle (SDLC) jobs for IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, and more. Maven is well-understood by developers and administrators for continuous integration, as serious production deployments favor scripts over GUI to deploy code.

So we’re excited to announce the general availability of a Maven plugin for Apigee API proxy deployment as an open source tool. This plugin helps customers script the packaging and deployment of API proxies on Apigee Edge using Maven. This is already a popular plugin within Apigee internal teams and large deployment environments.

The Maven plugin uses Apigee REST APIs to do all its deployment tasks. You can download or contribute to this plugin here.

The Maven plugin is available in addition to the Apigee deployment tool, which is a great command line utility to deploy individual API proxy bundles. It’s a Python project that contains tools to:

  • deploy API proxies

  • create skeleton proxies

  • deploy node.js applications

Apigee is an open platform with API exposure for all platform management functions.  Apigee's deployment tool and the Maven plug-in use these APIs. Developers can also build utilities based on their own ecosystems.

But the Maven plug-in provides support for more complex build and deployment life cycle jobs, including:

  • Dependency building: build a Java Callout and then associate the JAR file with the API proxy; create packaging for node.js projects

  • Automating environment-specific configuration: this is critical for our largest customer deployments, for which it’s difficult to manually change API proxy configuration when deployments use the same proxy logic in numerous environments

  • Prerequisite deployment: deploy backend changes before deploying API proxy changes

Check out the Maven plug-in configuration and documentation examples. If you are already using an internal Maven plug-in, migrating to this new one is easy with this simple config change in Maven XML.


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