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Product Update: Track More with New Edge Analytics Dashboards

May 05, 2014

Expanding the features available in Apigee Edge Analytics Services is a continuous process for us. Buidling on the host of new features we unveiled on April 1, we've added a handful of new dashboards.

Business transactions dashboard

Customers can track business events in near-real time, as they happen. By describing a business event as a specific URI pattern, customers can track transactions and also use the dashboard to view correlations between transactions across multiple APIs.


Cache performance dashboard

Customers can now track the value of their cache (the benefit the cache provides in terms of lower latency and reduced load on their backends) in Edge.


Endpoint performance dashboard

Customers can now track the behavior of their endpoint servers as observed from Apigee's point of view. Visibility into what kind of errors or latency observed from specific endpoint servers enables operations teams to better understand their back-end systems.


Proxy performance dashboard

Customers can track how much time is spent in the Apigee proxy processing requests and responses; they can also observe the network latency between Apigee and the backend. Users can also track the TPS and errors that originate from the proxy.


Watch this video for a short overview of the new and improved Edge Analytics Services:

Scaling Microservices