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Telco API Exposure: ParlayX-to-OneAPI SOAP-to-REST (video & demo)

Sep 05, 2013

In this video (6:22) we take a look at a simple use case showcasing how easily Apigee enables a transformation that can typically be a complex example in a Telco environment - A Telco XML/SOAP style backend (ParlayX) converted to the GSMA OneAPI.

Telco API Exposure: ParlayX-to-OneAPI from Apigee on Vimeo.

Telco carriers have a plethora of back-end IT services including accounting, billing, provisioning, and so on. They have network services including voice, data, messaging, speech, location . . .as well as new cloud services around compute and storage, and so on.

A middleware layer in the telco architecture takes the Location Based Services (LBS) and Short Message Service Center (SMSC) (the portion of a wireless network that handles SMS operations) and exposes them - typically as a ParlayX type interface.

GSMA, together with major operators, has developed a RESTful API - OneAPI - to facilitate and significantly reduce the time it takes to develop apps that make use of mobile networks’ capabilities. Apigee, as part of the access and exposure layer in Telco architectures, allows carriers to use the existing back-end infrastructure and expose new flavors of APIs.

This enables carriers to create their own location or messaging APIs on top without having to go into the middleware layer meaning faster time to market for new services and avoids introducing instability in an operational network.

Check out the video for a demo of how easily Apigee enables SOAP to REST and REST to SOAP transformations in a Telco environment, including:

  • A simple GSMA OneAPI-based request
  • A REST to SOAP transformation to rewrite the target URL to talk to the ParlayX back-end system
  • Backend returns ParlayX response and Apigee transforms from SOAP to REST
  • Extraction of variables from ParlayX and construct a RESTful JSON-style payload
  • Use of CORS policies for cross-domain communication, SOAP to REST, and REST to SOAP policies

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