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This Week in APIs: What do you love, Valentine? (hint: beer)

Feb 11, 2011

This week developers got candygrams from some of our favorite mobile apps.  Something for you car and train lovers. An important Twitter policy update. And our best sticker request ever.

Love Instapaper?  So do we - and now we love the Instapaper API.  Marco of Instapaper discusses the decision behind their free vs. full (paid) API

Obsessed with photoblogging? PicPlz launched their API and Instagram's API will be coming out soon.  The PicPlz API has  interesting analytics, we'll see what Instagram brings..    

Infatuated with big cars and trains?  NYC wants you all over their MTA API (as long as you don't mind being called a "whiz kid") . @landlessness gave Detroit's #igniteauto a 7 minute pitch on why you should be hacking cars.

How about a movie?   How about 20 billion movies?  Netflix's Dan Jacobsen on the traffic growth and redesign of the Netflix API.   Dan and Mike Hart also did a great webinar last month that's worth checking out.  







Going dutch?  Mastercard announced their open payments API.   

Sometimes Love Hurts.  Twitter announced that they will no longer give whitelisting status to any applications. This will certainly impart what developers can build, and there has already been some backlash. 

Love Beer?  We got the best.sticker.request.ever.  "I love IPAs because they have a fantastic hoppy aroma, and a delicious bitter taste. In addition, you can alter the IPA recipe and not be concerned with backwards compatibility. The serving vessel's signature will still conform to the consumer's mouth."

And then they hacked our I ♥ APIs sticker into an "I ♥ IPAs" -  awesome. Look for API IPA coming to a party near you very very soon.   In the meantime, have a sticker.  

Happy Valentine's day. Love, Apigee

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