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Digital Business
How to clear security, visibility, and...
by Ed Anuff Jul 19, 2017
It sounds contradictory, but if your enterprise plans to scale in today’s digital-first world, it’s time to start thinking smaller.Today, many of the most innovative enterprises are scaling up their... Read more
Just as microservices present new opportunities for organizational efficiency and growth, they also pose common stumbling blocks—chief among them security, usage and performance visibility, and agility/reuse.... Read more...
Digital Business
by David Andrzejek Jun 28, 2017
With regulators around the globe pushing for more openness and competition via APIs, led by the European Commission’s PSD2, the payments industry is headed toward an API-powered, programmable future. There’s... Read more
Payments services provider Worldline recently announced that Apigee would be the cornerstone of its API strategy.... Read more...
The leader in global weather data opens its...
by Mark Iannelli, AccuWeather Jun 27, 2017
At AccuWeather, we’re proud of how broadly our APIs are used by established, widely recognized global partners. Our extremely accurate weather forecast and warning data is integrated in connected cars, smart homes... Read more
AccuWeather unveils its new developer portal, which provides turnkey package options to accelerate developers’ access to the most accurate, detailed global weather forecasts and warnings.... Read more...
Digital Business
by Brian Pagano Jun 20, 2017
Quick question: how is a technology decision maker like a four-year-old child?  If you said something snarky—be nice. If you said they are alike because they’re both human, you are correct. If you said... Read more
Don't necessarily do it the fast way. Do it the right way.... Read more...
Digital Business
by Brian Pagano Jun 08, 2017
I remember once seeing an old, black-and-white photo of a horse pulling an automobile.The owner of the car gripped the horse’s reins, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he could have used the steering wheel.... Read more
Stop confusing the old with the new and start moving like a sleek sports car into the digital future.... Read more...
Digital Business
How Apigee and Istio can bring APIs and...
by Greg Brail May 24, 2017
If you base your IT technology strategy on what you read in the blogs, then you are already building your entire technology stack as a collection of microservices, built by “two-pizza teams,” running in... Read more
We’re excited that today Google, along with IBM and Lyft, is announcing Istio, an open source project designed to ease the pain around connecting and securing a network of microservices.... Read more...
Digital Business
Why a series of mobile experience projects...
by David Andrzejek May 17, 2017
As PSD2 is set to open data sharing between banks and third parties, banking and fintech professionals should heed this warning: Don’t confuse digitization with digital strategy. You need to build mobile apps and... Read more
Learn about the importance of baking digital strategy into a business model.... Read more...

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