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The Adapt or Die Tour is Over. The Content Lives On.

Slides from keynote sessions
Mar 07, 2017

We’ve just wrapped up the London stop on our Adapt or Die World Tour. These gatherings of API and digital business experts were all about sharing experiences, best practices, and lessons learned and spreading digital know-how.

The slides from the keynote presentations are now available. Enjoy!

Chet Kapoor discussed how three flavors of APIs—APIs as services, APIs as interactions, and APIs as products—create the interoperability that enables ecosystems and innovative new business models.


Anant Jhingran discussed how artificial intelligence should become part of every app and every API, and how intelligence must be embedded at the edge, for operations, customers, and security.


From the cloud to microservices to security to serverless, Greg Brail discussed the technology lessons Apigee has learned over the past several years.

Also available: slides from many of the technology and digital business track breakout sessions from the Adapt or Die World tour in London and beyond.

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