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Allstate’s Arity Opens its APIs to Developers

Nov 21, 2016

Last week at the Chicago stop of our Adapt or Die World Tour, Arity, a new technology company founded by Allstate, announced that it will make its advanced driving insights and predictive analytics available to developers. Apigee is honored to play an integral part in driving this new program.

Arity represents a new direction for Allstate, one of the great brands in the insurance industry. While many companies in this industry talk about “going digital” in terms of making it easier for customers to purchase insurance products or file claims (certainly good aims), Arity demonstrates Allstate's understanding of the true power of digital.

One of the largest U.S. insurers is using its crown jewels—years of data and actuarial science—to create entirely new partnerships with those who in the past may have been considered competitors, and with others who may never have been considered potential partners to begin with.

Built on Allstate’s 20 billion miles of driving data and more than a million active telematics connections, Arity’s APIs will power more accurate, meaningful, and individualized digital experiences in personal transportation and insurance.

We’ve partnered closely with the Arity team to help them accelerate their successful developer program launch and leverage the power of APIs to drive their digital platform business.

We’re proud that this new program is powered by the Apigee platform, and look forward to helping Arity continue to innovate and create more meaningful and powerful digital experiences.

Read what Arity president Gary Hallgren had to say about Allstate launching a technology company.

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