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Amadeus and Apigee: Inspiring Innovation in Travel with APIs

Dec 08, 2015

We’re proud to announce that we’re working with Amadeus, a leading provider of IT solutions for the travel industry, to help the company deliver seamless digital experiences for its customers, whether they’re booking a ticket or checking-in online. Amadeus aims to improve the experience of millions of travelers every year, with more than 121 of the world’s leading airlines already using its e-Commerce Airline Suite in more than 110 markets.

Travelers’ expectations have shifted in the digital economy. They’re looking for new and more efficient ways to search for and buy travel tickets, handle their reservations, and manage check-in and departure processes. Enhancing the end-to-end experience of customers is a key way for travel companies (and companies in all industries) to gain a competitive edge.

Our work with Amadeus involves making use of our intelligent API management platform, opening up airport information APIs, airline information APIs, and flight, rail, and hotels APIs to developers as part of the Amadeus Travel Innovation Sandbox. By doing so, we’ve seen several prototypes developed for new products and services that make the process of searching for suitable travel options far easier for customers.

Amadeus’ innovation program is defined by a principle of open innovation, encouraging others to deliver new and compelling products for the travel industry. Our API management platform falls within this goal, helping the company to engage with a large ecosystem of developers to experiment with some inspiring business concepts and enabling its open innovation platform to flourish.

For more on how APIs help companies like Amadeus stay on the cutting edge of the digital economy, download the free eBook, “Delivering Customized Experiences in Travel and Hospitality.”

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