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API Consoles Update: Improved Control Over Parameters

Sep 13, 2012

Last week we updated the Apigee API Consoles with some changes that bring our tool more in line with the WADL spec. It is now possible to specify how the Console sends a parameter, either in the URL as a query parameter or in the body as a form-urlencoded parameter (see the Body Parameter Representation in the WADL Reference).

As part of this release, all WADLs that were affected by this change have been migrated to the new pattern. If you’ve been working on a WADL, we recommend that you download the latest version from the bottom of the To-Go page, like so:

The new Console UI has moved out of beta
You may have noticed the shiny, new UI of the Console has become the default UI in the To-Go Console. As of November 5th, we will be migrating all Consoles to the new UI and discontinuing the old interface. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch!

If you don't want to wait, you can update any old Console by adding the following query parameter to your old URL: "?v=2".
For example:

Old: https://apigee.com/embed/console/twitter

New: https://apigee.com/embed/console/twitter?v=2


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