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API Platform Update: OAuth performance improvements, API traffic by geography, API metrics by resource . . .

Jen Mazzon
Oct 17, 2012

Today we released a scheduled update for the Apigee API Platform, which gives free open access to the same enterprise-grade API Platform used by industry leaders like Walgreens, eBay and AT&T.

This update delivers the following new features and improvements.

Geo Map for API Monitoring
Understand your API traffic by geography on the Analytics tab in your dashboard. An interactive map allows you to view message counts, error counts, average response times and average endpoint response times for your APIs and environments - and drill down by country and region. See Monitor the performance of your API in product documentation.

Approve app keys automatically or manually
Using the new key approval settings UI, and for a given API Product, you can choose to approve keys automatically or manually for apps registered through the developer portal. For information about API Products and approving key requests, see Set up API products in product documentation.

Resource-level metrics for your API out-of-the-box
Get performance metrics for the resources in your API in the Apigee dashboard. A chart displays metrics such as message counts, response times, error rates, and response size for the individual resources in your API.

OAuth performance improvement
A better than 200% improvement in OAuth performance enabled by programmatic caching of API Products, Apps and App credentials. See the Securing APIs with OAuth "Quick Start" for how to set up OAuth authorization for your APIs.

Knowledge Base (KB)
We're extending our product documentation with a new knowledge base (kb.apigee.com) with technotes and FAQs. We hope you will find this a useful resource to find information and answers to common issues, late breaking bug fixes, and frequently asked questions. We continue to build and improve our KB and product docs and welcome your feedback.

As always, we look forward to your questions and comments. You can reach us on the User Forum.

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