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API Platform Update: Streamlined SOAP to REST, Simplified Tracing, Enhanced Gateway, Analytics and UI . . .

Apigee Product Team
Jun 05, 2013

Today we released a scheduled update for the Apigee API Platform, which gives free open access to the same enterprise-grade API Platform used by industry leaders like Walgreens, eBay, and AT&T.

This update delivers the following new features and improvements.

Gateway Services

UI Productivity improvements

Many new features have been added to the API Platform to improve API development productivity, such as:

  • An improved UI menu design that is task-oriented, groups choices in a manner consistent with the user workflow, and provides easy access to other Apigee components.

  • Simplification of API development tasks in the UI. With a few clicks you can now:
    • Create an API to proxy a backend service.
    • Build a REST endpoint for a SOAP backend service. The wizard based approach makes it easy to model your SOAP API as REST, with meaningful resource names and verbs.

  • Use an existing Apigee API Proxy bundle as a starting point and secure your API with an API key, enforce a quota based on an API Product, and add CORS headers.  

Enhanced AccessEntity policy

The AccessEntity policy now allows you to retrieve entity profiles for multiple entities at once (such as developers, apps, and API products).

Simplified tracing

The trace facility has a new layout that allows you to view filters and transaction details side-by-side.

Analytics Services

Additional Email notification

Email notifications are now sent when your API traffic and quality of service (QOS) change or when there are interesting changes in your API program.

Added error detail from target servers

Error details from API target servers are now available for analysis.

Enhancements to reports

Many new features have been added to the API Platform to enhance reports and improve your ability to monitor the performance of your API, such as:

  • Time comparisons.
  • Multiple metrics in custom reports.
  • You can now export analytics reports (either out-of-the-box charts or custom reports) as CSV, PDF, or PNG files.
  • Investigate Anomalies Option.
  • Moving Averages for Metrics. You can view a 7-day moving average for any metric available in the system.

Dashboard date control

You can now update the dashboard to reflect traffic for any time period using a new date control.

Forwarded IP address now collected

The connecting client’s forwarded IP address is now collected and made available to for Analytics Services. This can result in more accuracy in geolocation-based analytics.

See the full release notes including a list of bugs fixed in this release. As always, we look forward to your questions and comments. You can reach us on the User Forum.

We can’t wait to see what you will build with us. Sign up to get started right away.


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