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API Platform Update: Trace Tool, Policy to Validate API Keys, Audit Logging . . .

Jen Mazzon
Sep 26, 2012

Yesterday we released a scheduled update for the Apigee API Platform, which gives free open access to the same enterprise-grade API Platform used by industry leaders like Walgreens, eBay and AT&T.

We are happy to deliver the following new features and improvements.

New Validate API Key policy
This policy verifies API Product-based keys and simplifies the API Product activation process.
For information about using the policy, see Verify API keys using API Key Validation in the product documentation.

New permissions
Only admin users can make API changes in the “Production” environment. For information about user and administrator roles and how they are associated with permissions on resources and operations, see Add and manage users in product documentation.

New audit logging APIs
API access to a record of API changes made by all users. See Audits.

Improvements to the Trace tool
New support for visual API flow and state changes and for message filtering.
To learn how to trace your API calls, see Trace API calls and this short video demonstrates the Trace tool.

Improvements to the Policy Editor
- Support for policy and flow deletion in code view
- Usability enhancements including a better policy navigation panel and map view
See Configure your API using the Policy Editor in product documentation.

Improved OAuth
Flexibility to retrieve authentication credentials (for example: keys, secrets) from API messages, query parameters, or form parameters. The Securing APIs with OAuth "Quick Start" demonstrates how to set up OAuth authorization for your APIs.

As always, we look forward to your questions and comments. You can reach us on the User Forum.

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