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API Platforms and Systems of Engagement: The Enterprise’s New Stack

May 19, 2015

Our mission at Apigee is to deliver products that make every business a digital business. A digital business is one that delivers a connected digital experience to customers, partners, and employees. Becoming a digital business enables companies to create new value from their enterprise data and services, accelerate innovation and time to market, and increase revenue.  

In our recent IPO roadshow video, CEO Chet Kapoor describes a hurdle that many companies must clear on the path to becoming truly digital. It’s the impedance mismatch between their stable and reliable back-end systems of record, and the blinding pace of change that consumers expect of their connected experiences today.

Adding to the challenge is the hodgepodge of connections needed to deliver capabilities including security, mediation, traffic management, analytics, and notifications between the various systems of record and the ever-growing number of apps that deliver connected experiences to consumers.


In the video, Chet describes how legacy systems are ill-equipped to handle the demands of the digital economy.

How do companies resolve the mismatched speed, agility, and scalability, and deliver the right experience, at the right time, on the right device? The solution is a new enterprise stack that complements an organization's investment in systems of record—a new system of engagement. As APIs have emerged as the foundational technology for building digital business, this system of engagement has to be delivered through an API platform.

Watch this video to learn about Apigee’s intelligent API platform and hear our customers describe how we help them secure, manage, scale, and analyze the APIs upon which their digital businesses are built.

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