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The Apigee API Platform: Commonality Across Use Cases

A newsletter for Apigee investors
Jul 12, 2016

This is the first in our series of newsletters to the investment community. Our goal is to keep investors informed and educated about our business, customers, and markets. Here, we focus on commonality across API platform use cases and highlight Pitney Bowes, a powerful example of a customer well on its journey to digital transformation.


Commonality across use cases

While digital transformation use cases vary by industry as the underlying business needs vary, there are many commonalities. Most industries have use cases that address customers, partners, and employees, with partner and employee use cases often less visible than those that are customer-facing. The depth of our customers’ applications and the use cases that address all three audiences, across verticals, are illustrated on our apigee.com solutions pages.  

Customer spotlight

Pitney Bowes is a great example of a customer that has adopted a broad set of use cases, across the three audiences. As evidenced by Pitney Bowes’ full page ad in the Wall Street Journal and other announcements in April of this year, the company is in the midst of a remarkable transformation focused on using modern digital technology to deliver an array of digital ecommerce capabilities, enable extensive partnerships, and optimize its own operations. 

Supported by Apigee Edge, Pitney Bowes launched Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud, a commerce enabler that provides access to solutions, analytics and APIs across the full commerce continuum.  The company is creating new revenue streams by selling digital services and data and by digitizing many of their traditional businesses.

Roger Pilc, Pitney Bowes' chief innovation officer, sat down with us recently to talk about the company’s journey to equip it for a new century of commerce and how it uses Apigee.




Roger Pilc, Pitney Bowes' chief innovation officer, sat down with us to discuss the company's journey to prepare for a new century of commerce, and how it uses Apigee.



This Business Wire article describes Pitney Bowes' unveiling of the cloud that enables the full continuum of commerce.



The pace of digital

"The gaps are huge: companies in leading sectors have work forces that are 13 times more digitally engaged than the rest of the economy." 

The pace of digital adoption varies across industries and companies. Harvard Business Review, analyzing research from McKinsey Global Institute, recently examined the drivers of industry adoption. 


"Becoming a digital predator requires a platform of digital capabilities"

CIO Magazine’s recent recommendations about how companies can create a successful digital strategy bolster the Forrester view that a bolt-on approach will not be enough—it takes a strategy.  

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