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Apigee Establishes an Advisory Board

Chet Kapoor
Mar 12, 2013

We are pleased to announce the Apigee Advisory Board. The advisory board is comprised of a select group of recognized leaders and visionaries in a range of industries, including retail, banking and finance, telecommunications, automotive, and media. They will provide invaluable global and industry-specific insight into how  businesses are increasingly using APIs, apps, and data to accelerate innovation, create new efficiencies, and expand customer reach.

Advisers can also expect to gain from forging cross-industry peer relationships and interactions and from the mutual exchange of experiences and best practices. The Advisory Board is comprised of the following members:

Thaddeus Arroyo, CIO, AT&T

Alan Boehme, Chief of Enterprise Architecture, Innovation & Emerging Technology, Coca-Cola

Bill Gajda, Global Head of Mobile Product, Visa

Mike Linton, Enterprise CMO, Farmers Insurance

Richard Lynch, former EVP at Verizon Communications

Aref Matin, CTO, Pearson

Carole McKluskey, CTO, Coinstar

Deep Nishar, VP of Product, LinkedIn

Nick Pudar, VP, Planning & Business Development, OnStar

Keith Tanski, Director of Enterprise Architecture, Target

For additional background on Apigee's advisory board, please go to the Apigee Leadership Team page.

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