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Apigee Institute Roundtable: Aligning IT and Marketing on Digital

May 14, 2014

If you’re a practitioner in business or IT working on digital strategy for your organization, or a researcher or expert in related topics, please join the Apigee Institute Wed., May 21, at 9:30 a.m. PT to learn about and share practical ways to strengthen alignment between marketing and IT. Learn how can you turn the relationship into an asset for your organization’s digital transformation. Discuss what has worked. Explore what causes alignment to fail. Sign-up information is at the bottom of this post. 

A central promise of the Apigee Institute is to equip digital transformation leaders with guidance based on empirical data. In support of this, we strongly emphasize that alignment between marketing and IT is a powerful predictor of success in building strong digital capabilities. We’ve benchmarked where companies stand in relation to achieving alignment, and, depending on functional role, about half of executives in large enterprises see the way that marketing and IT typically work together as an asset for digital transformation. More than one in three see it as a liability. 

(Source: Apigee Institute survey of 321 executives at companies with over $500M in annual revenue. “Other roles" include corporate strategy, product development, and sales or channel management.)

Accenture reports that CMOs and CIOs are aware that they should align, yet also recognize a persistent gap. The research found that 77% of CIOs and 56% of CMOs agree that they need to be aligned, and that CMOs rank the CIO as their second most important C-suite relationship. At the same time, only one in 10 marketing and IT executives say that collaboration is at the right level; more than 30% of CIOs admit to actively keeping CMOs out of the loop; and 45% of CMOs want to enable their employees to access data and content without any involvement from IT.

Despite this decidedly mixed picture, our research continues to show that marketing and IT alignment is a critical dependency for digital transformation success. 

This important disconnect prompted us to invite Nick Katsivelos, vice president and managing director, technology and strategy at digital marketing agency R/GA to participate in a live roundtable, exclusively for Apigee Institute members. Nick regularly advises CMOs and CIOs at organizations striving for digital transformation. This real-world experience has enabled him to identify a number of common patterns and anti-patterns for successful relationships between marketing and IT, and has convinced us that this is the time to explore some of these patterns in a manner that supports the Institute’s second promise: to turn the collective wisdom and experience of our members into practical advice. 

Roundtable FAQ

What can I expect?

This is the second in an ongoing series of Institute events (originally called “Office Hours”). We’ve modified the format to ensure more discussion. Come prepared to share your questions, observations, and suggestions based on the pre-session questions (see below for how to sign-up and access them).

How do I sign up?

If you are not a member, join the Apigee Institute member panel. There is no cost involved in joining the Institute: we ask only that panel members actively contribute their insights and their questions, which you will have an opportunity to do when you sign up. If you're already a member, you will receive an invitation to participate and to provide pre-session input. If you don’t, contact the Institute





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