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Apigee on the Road - update for NYC Fashion Hack Day

May 18, 2012

Time for a quick recap of when and where you'll find us in the coming months.

We will be in full force at GlueCon near Denver next week, with two presentations. Ed Anuff, creator of Usergrid, will talk about the perils of designing a massively multiuser app platform (Breakout 2, 1:45pm on Tuesday May 22).

Sam Ramji, our VP of Strategy will talk about the balancing act of control & performance in the face of mobile devices and API-powered ecosystems (Breakout 3, 4:50pm on Tuesday May 22).
We will also have a booth and we’ll be using it to help people create their first mobile app. Come say hi and walk away with your first app on your device, in under 10 minutes.


In June, you can find us participating & sponsoring the AT&T Mobile App Hackathon (Education Edition) in Palo Alto. The event will focus on creating apps & mobile apps that benefit our education system. Apigee will be rewarding the best Usergrid use case with $1,000 in Best Buy gift cards, as well as accelerator prizes if you open source your app or release it for free on the app store.  The event page has all the details you need to get involved.

The following week (on June 16), we will be co-hosting the NYC Fashion Hack Day with Gilt & Tumblr. The event will take place at Gilt’s beautiful headquarters in New York and will focus on fashion app & use-cases. We will offer another $1,000 prize for the best Usergrid app, and give participants access to a wide array of iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7 devices (and an NFC devkit) so they can test their apps against the latest & greatest platforms. Sign up now while there are still seats left!

I will be at the Community Leadership Summit in Portland Oregon on July 14–15, rubbing elbows with Community Managers, Evangelists and Developer Advocates from around the world.

Finally, our own Nate McCall, Sr. Software Developer, will be at OSCON in July, talking about Test-Driven Development with Apache Cassandra, the database that powers Usergrid. 

As always, we will post links to video recordings of our road appearances here or on our twitter account when they become available.


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