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APIs and the app economy - an explosion of innovation

Feb 27, 2012

Startup Weekend Detroit 4 was hosted the weekend of February 17, 2012, at the M@dison Building, home of Detroit Venture Partners.

Watch this 3 minute video* - you can feel the positive energy that APIs & the app economy unleash. More than 100 entrepreneurs from around North America attended and created real products and startups during a single weekend.

What hit me watching this video is that there is really an explosion of innovation happening in the world today.

When you think about all the events happening... the hackathons, the startup weekends, the maker events... there is a LOT going on.

You can find events for whatever topic you are interested in.... general mobile hackathons, social hackathons, cleanweb, water, heathcare, civic/open government, music, gaming, connected car, more.

Programmable Web is tracking 55 events coming in the next few weeks: http://blog.programmableweb.com/2012/02/23/55-upcoming-hackathons-civic-music-photos-and-robotics/

At the same time, the 'bar' for getting something started has been materially lowered.  With a swipe of your credit card you can spin up server instances in EC2 or spawn an app environment on Heroku or other CaaS/PaaS platforms.  Tools like Sencha Touch, PhoneGap, Titanium and others are available to easily build device applications.

Mobile app developers don’t even have to build their own user management backend because platforms like UserGrid provide full user management instantly.

It all makes for a potent cocktail of innovation.

Companies wanting to be a part of that innovation need to get the core of their business exposed via APIs and get into the game.

(*Video by Hendrickson Video: hendricksonvideo.com/)

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