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APIs and the Education Ecosystem

Jun 05, 2014

Education, like many industries, is changing dramatically with the advent of digital technology; the number of apps available in this category is just one indicator (the Apple App Store, for example, offers nearly 3,200).

This momentum could increase significantly with help from the federal government. To that end, the U.S. Department of Education in April requested information from the public about the uses of APIs in higher education data and student aid processes.

Apigee responded to the RFI by outlining two ways the agency can effect change in the affordability of and access to education, which are both part of the administration’s goals in this area.

We recommend that the agency convene the industry on standards that meet the appropriate privacy and security rules and enable its "MyData" initiative, which aims to provide a single source of student information that can be shared at the student’s discretion with third parties across educational ecosystems.

In the digital world, APIs are at the heart of these kinds of ecosystems, as they simplify the secure distribution and sharing of services used to build apps that deliver value to participants.

The Department of Education should also enable delivery of its own digital services via an API platform. This would provide a successful demonstration of what’s achievable in the larger ecosystem enabled by convening standards across all of education.

Apigee stands ready to help in this effort and bring to education the benefits enjoyed by the digital economy.

Image: John Walker/Flickr

Download the Apigee RFI Response PDF


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