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APIs for Dummies: Stop Leaving Money on the Table

Jun 04, 2015

"API" sounds like a geeky term and that's a shame because using APIs correctly, at the business level, is critical to thriving in today's marketplace. Businesses bemoan the fact that they're fragmented into silos, with their business units and subsidiaries operating as quasi-independent companies, all resulting in customers having a terrible experience.  

And customers aren't used to having a terrible experience. They won’t tolerate it. They've learned to expect that content and services are available on every device they own. They've learned to expect a consistent look and feel. They've learned to expect that your business—no matter how old or established it is—engages with them in just the same way as a company that was founded to do business in the digial economy.

Failure to realize this situation and failure to act upon it results in brand devaluation, customer defections, and an inability to get new ideas to market in time to compete. APIs can solve this problem. In fact, APIs might be the only answer.

The importance of a seamless digital experience

Another heartbreaking scenario is the lost opportunity. Customers want fast, easy access to services from across your entire brand (and possibly from your partners, too). Every new website they must log in to and every new app they must open only increases the likelihood that they’ll simply give up or find someone else to whom they’ll give their money.  

On the other hand, if a company presents all of its products and services (brand-wide and ecosystem-wide) to me in one place, I am much more likely to make additional purchases and to consume additional services.

The inability to execute product ideas and provide a consistent and seamless digital experience across all the channels of your brand is a potentially fatal error at the business level. The inability to execute ideas and campaigns across the ecosystem of your subsidiaries and partners is a potentially fatal error at the business level. The lack of real-time visibility, trending information, and personalization is a potentially fatal limitation at the business level.

APIs: More than a technology issue

APIs help companies solve these business problems. APIs are a business issue of the highest urgency.

It's too bad that some people view APIs as being solely a technology solution. Companies are walking away from business growth because of this misconception. That said, it's not too late (though it will be soon).

At Apigee, in addition to building software products to help companies manage, secure, analyze, and scale their APIs, we offer the knowledge gained from many years of experience working with customers in multiple industries.

Check out the Apigee Special Edition EBook: APIs for Dummies. It’s intended to help businesses overcome the misconceptions described above, and to know how to use APIs as a strategic and competitive weapon. It describes the business outcomes that APIs and robust API management drive. The winners in tomorrow's economy are deploying APIs today.

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