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APIs: A Key to Customer Loyalty in Retail

Apr 07, 2015

The term API might sound like a technology issue, but it’s not, really—it’s a business issue, and a critical part of a strategy to ensure that retailers remain competitive in the digital world. Understanding how to benefit from APIs is the difference between being a digital competitor or getting left behind; between surprising and delighting customers with timely, relevant offers—however they might be interacting with your brand—or annoying them with misplaced, irrelevant ones.

In retail, APIs enable the creation of personalized, seamless, app-powered experiences for customers. They let you adjust on the fly to the incessant changes in customer preferences and market conditions. And, when coupled with new predictive technologies, they enable the incorporation of a particular customers’ recent history of interactions with your brand to extend offers that actually anticipate their wants and needs.

To learn more, read the full article, "Retail in Real Time APIs: A Key to Customer Loyalty," published in Retail Minded.

Image: Egor Culcea/The Noun Project

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