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April Fool's Hackathon London - Recap

Apr 06, 2012

On April Fool's Sunday, we teamed up with Vodafone for our second 2012 hackathon in London.  Apps were built with APIs from Vodafone, Apigee Usergrid, and a number of API Providers including Pearson, European Directories, Soundcloud, and InMobi.

Despite the fact that it was a sunny Sunday in London, close to 100 developers showed up for the event and we had a day filled with talent, enthusiasm, and fun — not to mention amazing productivity. At the end of the day, 17 teams presented final apps.


Best overall app was awarded to Txt Mum - an app built from scratch in less than 6 hours.  Using the Vodafone location API, the app determined when an app user traveled abroad, and then would use Vodafone SMS and email to send automated notifications to Mum. Client-side work was handled using Apigee Usergrid. Check out the presentation.

Best app using the Apigee Usergrid API was given to Groupic. This app used Usergrid to facilitate closed group sharing of pictures, from mobile devices, which could be presented in various ways. The use case, which was demonstrated, was attendees at a wedding all taking pictures and sending to the closed group (wedding party). Photos from the group were pooled and posted on a screen as a timeline.

During the day, many more working apps were created, including a robot running on APIs! There were lots of connections made between developers, and there was valuable feedback for API Providers too.

If you were there, thank you for your participation and we hope you enjoyed the experience. If you were not, we hope to see you next time. It was an awesome way to spend the day, and we look forward to the next hackathon!

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