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Arity: Building an Ecosystem with Data and APIs

Jan 12, 2017

Twenty billion miles of data from a million drivers. 

Leading insurer Allstate knew it had a crown jewel in the information it had gathered from six years in the connected car business. But how to best turn these valuable insights into a business platform?

The answer: create a technology spin-off imbued with an API-first philosophy. 

Arity was born last year to create rich insights into how safe drivers are—via telematics, big data, and analytics—and offer them to partners via APIs. APIs and API management are essential to scale quickly and begin building an ecosystem that requires integrating with other large financial services companies’ complex infrastructures, said Arity president Gary Hallgren.

“API management is extremely important to the success of our business,” he told us recently. 

The young company aims to offer its unique insights into accident-prone traffic areas to companies like Google-owned navigation app Waze, Hallgren said. But it's a two-way street, Hallgren adds. Arity also plans to incorporate information from mapping or weather companies to improve it’s ability to show which roads are safest to drive on. API management makes this data exchange fast, easy, and scalable, he said.

“We know we can’t do this alone.” Hallgren said.

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