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Austin Java User Group - Apigee Mobile Analytics

Prabhat Jha
Aug 08, 2013

In July, I had the opportunity to present at the Austin Java User Group on their monthly meeting about the design and architectural evolution of Apigee Mobile App Performance Monitoring service.


Attendees were enterprise Java and Java EE developers so I focused mostly on how different Java and Java EE technologies such as JAX-RS, Drools, JPA, Hibernate, Seam, JSF and Richfaces can be integrated with some cloud services to build a distributed and highly available SaaS.



Now to the fun part! Before the session, I posed a challenge that whoever can successfully integrate the Apigee Android or iOS SDK would win a prize. We were delighted to see that Everett Toews did so during the presentation. Congratulations, Everett!  Just goes to show how easy it is to  integrate the Apigee SDK. Download the SDk and give it a shot yourself at https://docs.apigee.com/api-baas/sdks/sdks - it usually takes around 20 min. from start to finish.

Thanks to great questions asked by audience, the session was interactive and the presentation ended 30 min. later than scheduled - love that! Thanks Austin JUG for the opportunity and we're looking forward to more great sessions.

Apigee provides a number of SDKs and tools to make developing apps and incorporating mobile analytics easy. Generally speaking, you'll find them available on GitHub. Check out the available SDKs here.


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