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Autodesk: Enabling New Revenue with the Apigee Platform

New case study
Feb 09, 2018

Autodesk makes software for people who build things. Founded in 1982, the company has been synonymous with industry-leading 3D design software for desktops, and it has used APIs for decades. But as the world moved to mobile devices and cloud, the need to transform from desktop technology to cloud offerings took center stage.

That’s why Autodesk has committed itself to digital reinvention, not only moving its award-winning software to the cloud but also investing in APIs to enable new, data-driven revenue streams.

Creating an ecosystem became a key part of achieving this goal.

“We are trying to drive a movement to the cloud in the industries we serve,” said Shawn Gilmour, Autodesk’s director of PaaS strategy. “To really be successful, we need to build an ecosystem. We really need partners and data sharing and integrations to do this—and that’s where APIs come in.”

Internally, leveraging modern APIs and the Apigee API platform enabled Autodesk to empower its development teams to easily and securely leverage the company's long-term software applications and resources for new applications and create customized and connected workflows. But it also opened doors to untapped markets, beyond Autodesk's bread-and-butter customer base of professional designers.

Read this new case study to learn how the Apigee platform helped Autodesk attract new customers and provided new levels of flexibility and scalability to the company's development efforts.

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