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AWhere: Feeding the World with Data and APIs

Feb 03, 2016

AWhere is a small company with a big mission: supplying agricultural data around the globe to help farmers feed the world.

We sat down with Stewart Collis, CTO and cofounder of aWhere, and Jeof Oyster, the company's senior product manager, at I Love APIs 2015 to discuss how the company uses APIs to achieve its goals and enable developers building apps for the agriculture industry.

"Getting the right information to farmers is critical to our business and our mission," Collis said. "I love APIs because they connect people and help us get the right information to the right people at the right time.”

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Broomfield, Colo., aWhere delivers data culled from a multitude of sources (including satellite and ground radar observations and weather stations) to a wide variety of use cases, ranging from large North American farming operations to research and development organizations to farmers with a couple acres in Africa and no smartphones. 

“We can’t design software for all those use cases,” Oyster said. “We’re small, we don’t have that many engineers. For us, the API platform was the way to take our rich depth of data and deliver it to as many use cases as possible.”

Because aWhere was a young and lean startup, it needed a quick way to deploy APIs at low cost. So Collis and Oyster were excited to join the pilot program for Apigee Edge SMB, our API management platform for small to mid-sized businesses.

"SMB brought the functionality we needed at a price that we could actually afford,” Oyster said. “That has allowed us to get to market not just with an API gateway but actually to deploy full APIs to our customers with zero engineering effort."

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