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Big Apps, Big Data, and Why "Connected Things" are not the IoT (webcast & podcast)

Oct 13, 2014

Smartphones, smart watches, laptops, connected cars, smart homes and wearables. The Internet of Things is arriving, and with it, some big challenges. Yes, the “things” are connected, but they’re not communicating in a way that realizes the full potential of the IoT. 

In this webcast, Brian Mulloy explores how to design and develop apps that work harmoniously with other apps as a system of systems. Learn about “big apps”—emergent systems that enable apps on multiple devices to work together—and how they are a design metaphor for creating holistic, consistent experiences across multiple devices. Discover how looping big apps into big data creates a compelling adaptive platform for the IoT. 

Brian also discusses:

  • the potential of the IoT, realized through an adaptive cycle of analysis, prediction, and action, at scale 

  • how to go from today’s single-device apps to multi-device big apps 

  • the role big data will play in a virtuous app development cycle 

  • what the IoT means for your industry


Scaling Microservices