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Black Friday: Five Shopping Days, 60M API Calls per Hour

Dec 04, 2015

Many of Apigee’s large retail customers refer to Black Friday as their “Super Bowl”—traffic to their web and mobile shopping apps spike to year-high levels. Now, however, it’s grown to more than a one-day event—in fact, it lasts from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday.

With these five high-volume shopping days behind us now, we’re happy to report that we helped our retail customers navigate Black Friday 2015 successfully, and we’d like to thank them for trusting Apigee. We’re proud to have delivered the availability and scalability our customers needed during this mission-critical event.

Last Friday, we processed almost three times as much API call volume as we did during Black Friday 2014, our peak volume exceeded 60 million API calls per hour, we met 100% of our customer SLAs, and we delivered better than six 9s of uptime.

Planning for Black Friday began over six months ago. We worked very closely with each of our retail customers to test to anticipated loads and peaks, plan for needed capacity, and ensure all operational teams were aligned on support processes throughout the Black Friday week.

We didn’t celebrate for too long. The day after Cyber Monday, with Black Friday 2015 still very fresh in our minds, we started an internal discussion on what we could do to make Black Friday 2016 the most amazing Black Friday in our customer’s history.  We’d love to hear any feedback you might have.

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