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Bugaboo: How APIs Boost a Brand

Feb 09, 2016

Dutch stroller maker Bugaboo is a relatively small company with big-brand aspirations.

“We have to live up to the big expectations that consumers have,” said Sjoerd Nijland, the company’s e-business architect. Nijland spoke with us at I Love APIs 2015 about how APIs enabled Bugaboo to quickly move from supplying its high-end strollers to retailers to selling directly to consumers worldwide. 

“APIs gave us a dynamic way to connect systems together and build a consistent experience,” he said. They also hid the complexity of Bugaboo’s backend architecture, Nijland added.

“By being smart about it and being really flexible and using APIs—this is how we can play the big game."

APIs will play an even larger role in Bugaboo’s future, Nijland said. The company has been growing very fast, and APIs can help facilitate the agility needed to continue its trajectory.

“What’s next?” he asked. “Thinking about how fast can our company grow, and how can we use APIs to speed that up and not get bogged down. You have to think about being flexible enough to continue that growth."

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