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Can't go a Day Without your Critical Mobile Apps? You're in Good Company (Infographic)

Mar 06, 2013

82% of those surveyed can't go a day without critical apps; 85% admit they would rather give up drinking water than delete all of their mobile apps; 18% of French say they couldn't order dinner without an app.

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So says our 2013 Mobile App Behavior survey of over 760 smartphone owners across France, Germany, Spain, the U.K. and U.S., conducted online in February by uSamp.

The survey, which was aimed at revealing mobile app dependency, behavior and future desires across a variety of countries, found that fully 82% of those surveyed believe there are critical apps they can’t go without for even a day, including email (57%), Facebook (41%) and alarm clock apps (31%).

Spain ranked as the most app-reliant country with 93% saying they can’t go one complete day; while half (50%) of U.S. residents saying they couldn’t last just four hours without apps. And the amount of apps people say they use each day is significant: 72% say they use as many as 10 apps per day, and 2% in the global survey even claim they use more than 50 apps per day.

But the study probed deeper at the reactions people have when actually confronted with losing the apps they have come to rely on, and many people around the world report basic things they would be unable to do without apps, including:

• Check email – 48%

• Wake up in the morning – 32%

• Feel happy – 23%

• Navigate to work – 20%

• Maintain my relationship – 19%

• Find dates – 13%

• Order dinner – 12%

• Impress people – 10%



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