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A Checklist for Every API Call

Webcast replay
Mar 16, 2016

How do checklists help organizations succeed with APIs, and do so with various roles across business, IT, operations, and security?

If you're an architect, CISO, ops engineer, or API business or product owner, this webcast replay is for you.

We discuss:

  • using a checklist for APIs throughout the API lifecycle
  • how the checklist can be useful for various stakeholders
  • examples of how Apigee Edge helps with checklists

We also discuss how to create a simple, repeatable approach to building a successful API programs (one that moves the needle) by avoiding the common pitfalls of complex, multi-team projects. 

Will a checklist approach work for APIs? We started a conversation about it on Apigee Community. Join in!
For more, read the free technical brief, "A Checklist for Every API Call."


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