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CIO Upload: A Conversation with Transavia's Roy Schreeder

Gregory Brail
Jan 14, 2016

Transavia, the Dutch low-cost airline, has a simple goal: to become the top digital airline in Europe.

Achieving that goal might not be quite so simple, but the company, a division of Air France KLM Group that serves 50 million travelers annually, is taking some bold steps to get there, says Transavia commercial director Roy Schreeder. 

For one, the airline has wholeheartedly embraced APIs, and it’s done so for three key reasons.

First, APIs “separate the slow IT from the fast IT,” he says. 

“Our digital development teams and our scrum teams can move much faster without being hampered by the complexity of backend systems,” Schreeder says. “It facilitates innovation.”

APIs not only speed innovation, but enable Transavia to invite creativity from outside the confines of the organization, he adds. The company incentivizes outside developers who use its APIs to drive traffic to Transavia’s website and boost sales conversions.

“There is so much potential in our data,” Schreeder says. “It allows people to build a business model on top of our data."

Finally, and perhaps most significantly, APIs are the future of digital business, he says.

"We are moving into not only a mobile-first environment, but a mobile-only environment,” Schreeder says. “The development of apps is paramount in that strategy, and you can only build apps on top of APIs."

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