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Developer Outreach Best Practices with Developer Media's Jeff Hadfield

Oct 02, 2014

Recently at the I Love APIs 2014 conference, I sat down with Jeff Hadfield, CXO of Developer Media, who has been involved in developer programs from many different angles for decades, in publishing, online communities, marketing, and helping companies attract devs.

Jeff shared with us his perspectives—what changed over the years and what hasn’t—on a variety of topics that might interest those designing a developer strategy: 

  • how to market to developers

  • how to segment developers

  • what motivates developers

  • how to balance different types of programs: events, online, and hackathons, for example

  • how to put together successful marketing programs and "voice"

  • how to execute a content marketing approach for developers

Check out our discussion in this video: 

Scaling Microservices