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Digital Accelerator Awards: Innovation Through APIs and Data

Jun 13, 2014


Are you using apps, APIs, and data to transform your business and create new IT efficiencies, deliver unique and personalized digital customer experiences, or stitch together the Internet of Things?

If the answer is "yes," we invite you to submit an entry to our Digital Accelerator Awards.

Open to a diverse range of entrants in 11 categories—from individual API program developers to businesses that are contributing new innovations to the IoT—these awards recognize digital champions and teams and underline how forward-thinking digital strategy and strong execution can result in business acceleration.

Winners of the Digital Accelerators Awards will receive a trophy, a complimentary pass to our I Love APIs conference on Sept. 8-10 in San Francisco, recognition during a general session on day one of the conference in front of 1,500 digital leaders, and the opportunity to speak at the conference in front of the elite of the digital world.

Prizes will also include a video interview filmed by Apigee showcasing the winner’s digital success story and a press and social media campaign to publicize their digital achievements.  

The deadline for entries is Friday, Aug. 1.



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