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The Digital Accelerator Interview: Heather Mickman, Target

Dec 03, 2014

Heather Mickman, senior group manager of enterprise services and integration architecture at Target, spoke with us at I ♥ APIs 2014 after her company was recognized with the Digital Accelerator Award for digital business excellence in retail.

Target set out roughly three years ago to create a resilient, scalable platform to help it move at the speed needed to meet the expectations of its customers, Mickman said. An API platform became the obvious way to enable internal developers to learn about, build, and improve customer-facing digital interactions very quickly, and help Target move toward a seamless, multi-channel experience, she added.

Target measures the success of its API program in many ways, Mickman said, including API reuse and speed to market. But it’s hard to beat some of the more anecdotal evidence of success, she added.

“I love when I get a call or an email: ‘Hey Heather, we just used a handful of the APIs and we created this really cool app and look at the adoption rate that it already has’,” she said. “Those are the stories I love and are truly what defines the success of an API program.”

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