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The Digital Accelerator Interview: John de Keijzer, Swisscom

Oct 08, 2014

John de Keijzer, head of enterprise architecture and digital strategy at Swisscom, spoke with us at I ♥ APIs 2014 after his company received the Digital Accelerator Award for excellence in telecom. John described the role APIs play in the Swiss telecom provider’s digital transformation, and how all of Swisscom’s customers, channels, and competition are becoming digital.

“We need to collaborate in a new way—internally and externally—we need to be more agile, and need to think differently about products. It’s about augmenting customer value,” he said.

Swisscom is well-positioned to play a big role in the digital telecom ecosystem, in part because it’s top management is keenly aware of the importance of technology leadership. But because of the fundamental nature of digital transformation—and the danger of settling for “bolt-on” changes—Swisscom is working to develop a host of internal APIs and notch successes there before going to market with its APIs.

John’s advice to businesses starting out on a digital journey? Spread the API love all around your organization.

“You have to build your network inside the company. I’m thrilled by how many people now contribute with their perspective, which really puts this this thing on a bullet train. Make this a shareable thing; you can’t drive this for long by yourself.”

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